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Avocado Obsession

January Lunch

I have to confess, I have become slightly addicted to avocados.

After a somewhat hectic Christmas, I jumped on the band-wagon of ‘Lets get healthy’… but in all seriousness, I felt so grossed out.  After almost consuming my own body weight in cheese, chocolate and baileys, I decided this year is going to be different.  No more scales or slimming clubs, just pure dedication to health.

After years and years of being told avocados are so ‘fattening’, I feel I have been liberated, and it feels darn good…..

No more obsessing over calories and numbers, just pure healthy eating and regular exercise… really I hear myself say, have I only just realised this at the ripe old age of 40 something?

I never thought how versatile an avocado can be, not only for your diet but also for your skin in the form of a face mask. The benefits are endless.  Avocado can be mixed with a salad, spread on toast, eaten in  a wrap or with crackers.  It also tastes nice with many things such as mango, feta cheese, houmous and  even eggs.  I  just love it!

I would be excited to know what other people have for lunch, and if anyone else has a ‘go to lunch staple’ that they feel slightly obsessed with.


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  1. Rachael OSullivan says

    I love avocados too x counting calories is old school now…. it’s all about giving your body vital nutrition and enjoying what you eat! Life’s too short! Looking forward to reading more… 😃😃😃


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