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Valentines day is over..

I started writing this blog post and then stopped as it took a while for me to try to get my head round what it was I wanting to say. However, after much thought I felt compelled to write about the sadness of this day.. Is Valentines day over…?

I have never been one for ‘gushing’ celebrations, or even massive romantic gestures, however, growing up in the 80’s I remember, at school this being a big deal!  The excitement and prospect of someone fancying you, was the best feeling in the world, and the thought of getting a card with a question mark at the bottom would evoke the most uplifting, ego boosting emotions one could ever desire. If you were shy and secretly longed to connect with someone, this was your chance.. The fact that it was the only form of communicating without any other intervention, was the main reason it made it so exciting.

So, why has this gradually disappeared?  Has social media yet again intervened and destroyed another authentic tradition?

So ,when I say to my 13 year old ‘Did you get any Valentine cards?’ he shrugs and walks off not knowing what the hell I am talking about and buries his head in his world of ‘you tube’.. this sadly not only makes me feel old, but strangely sad….

I would love to know what you think about Valentines day, and if you feel because of the modern world we now live in, times have changed and romance is not what it used to be..

Please feel free to comment

Gemma x






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