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Children’s Parties

How much do we spend on Children’s parties?

Not only do we spend a fortune on our own children’s parties, we are then expected to ‘cough up’ loads of money throughout the year on other kids parties.

Gone are the days of a few sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks and ‘pass the parcel’; we are now expected to provide a hall, entertainment and sweetie cones…don’t forget the sweetie cones..!

What is an acceptable amount to spend on other people’s children? Is it only me that worries about this kind of stuff? What if they have twins or a joint party?

All I know is that I have been a mother for 13 years and every party my children have been invited to, I seem to question this.? Do parents scrutinise the presents you buy their little ones and then judge you for it, or do they throw them on the pile with all the other tat  people have given them or even put them away(especially if they are duplicates) for another child’s party? I confess I have been known to do the LATTER ssshhh!



H&M skirt and false plait, I bought for a little girls party.

My daughter has been invited to at least five parties this year, I almost dread another invitation at the bottom of her book bag ( I know that sounds mean but really!)  I generally spend between £7.00-£10.00. I like to try and put a bit of thought into present buying, but this can sometimes be really difficult on a budget. (I can see this definitely being another blog post!) Then you need the card and wrapping paper… that’s £15.00, at least! Is this too much to spend?

I would love to hear your comments…

Happy Saturday..  Gemma:)x









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