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Mothers day

Mothers day is the one time of the year I REALLY love.  I am not going to lie it usually takes a little prompting to my husband; but that’s a man thing right?  It gives me time to stop and reflect on how much I actually do for the family, and how important our ‘roles’ of mothers are.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel totally blessed to be a mother and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, that it is the most rewarding experience of my life. It will NEVER be without it’s challenges and stresses, however, this is part of the journey right?


My lovely gifts.

My children really pulled out the stops this year, which I can honestly say bought a tear to my eye.  I am not sure if other schools do the same, but at their school, they do this thing  where they have a ‘mini shop’ and they can choose their mum’s gifts for mothers day. Do they do this at your kids schools?  I think it’s pretty awesome.  My children chose a lovely little photo frame and a butterfly tea light holder. Bless them….My eldest son went for flowers, chocolates and one of my favourite magazines. I am presuming my husband threw in the Prosecco for good measure 🙂


Cornwall 2015

Mothers day is also a great time to spoil our own mothers too.  I spent many years living away from my mother, so, was delighted when my husband said we would be moving back to live near my family for a bit..  My mum in my opinion, has always looked amazing for her age and never a day goes by when I am not inspired by her spirit and zest for life.  She has battled cancer a few times round, has had many operations and still makes time to put on her make-up and earrings everyday.  I mentioned earrings as my mum is obsessed with them, oh and shoes of course. She never has too many…My love for fashion and beauty and shopping is most definitely from my mum and nan  (who is touching 95).


Wig party for cancer research 2015

As my nan quotes from a young age I was always my mum’s ‘tail’. Never away from her.. I adored her. She has always had this ‘magical way’ with children, not just with her own but with others, which made her role as a childminder so brilliant.! Her relationship with my children continues to make me have that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. She is never one to miss a party and loves to have a good boogie after a few gin and tonics!


A few gifts I bought Mum.

Never one to pass up the opportunity to go SHOPPING, I truly love buying pressies, any excuse, and I am on the hunt to find something special. My mother has to be the easiest person to buy for which makes the whole experience super exciting..



Waitrose came up trumps for gifts this year.

One of the gifts I was drawn to was this cute, little flask. I knew my mum would really love it. Once a year the family make a very long  trip to Cornwall;  we always take heaps of food for the journey and someone will bring a dodgy, old flask with luke warm tea.  So, I thought this year my mother would like her own.

The other gifts if I am honest, just co-ordinated well (sad I know).  I just loved the pinks and purples in the tulips; so much so, I had to go and buy some myself.


So that concludes my MOTHERS DAY for 2016. It was bloody great!

I would love to know what you got up to, please feel free to comment.

Much love

Gemma x


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  1. Kelly says

    This year was a hard one for me- the first without my beautiful mummy. But my gorgeous big hearted girls made up for that! They were so excited it was Mother’s Day, you would think it was Christmas. From breakfast in bed to secret presents and handmade ones too… It truly made for a special day with a very special lady not far from my heart xxx


    • I can’t even imagine how hard that would of been for you Kelly. We all take family for granted at times, but you never think for one minute they won’t be there. Motherhood for me is what keeps me going though the bad times in life. Always remember the beautiful memories, and create more with your family Kelly, you are a super, sweet human being and a ridiculously fantastic Mum!! Never forget that😉
      All my love and more❤️


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