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Easter trip to Cornwall

I have been SUPER rubbish with finding time to sit down and write this blog. However, as it is the second week of the Easter holidays and the kids are occupied, it seems now is the perfect time to finally write this piece about my recent trip to Cornwall.

have been holidaying in Cornwall since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (my husbands favourite expression). It holds many fond memories of travelling down with ALL my family; mum, dad, siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles and a few dogs thrown into the mix. My eccentric grandfather would load the car up, stuffing every possible thing into every spare corner, throwing the roof rack on top and bundling the suitcases on whilst wrapping a load of bungee cord around with complete faith that they would stay put for the duration of our journey. The dogs would then be squeezed in and off we would go. Nothing was organised, and everything was a little bit rough around the edges but it seemed to work. We loved it! I really miss those days and sometimes think that even though you try to recreate those experiences and memories with your own family, it never is quite the same.


Cornish wind turbine

I remember reluctantly eating marmite sandwiches and a couple of chocolate digestives, washed down with stale, over brewed flasks of tea for the journey (that I quite liked actually), and playing eye spy and various other ‘car games’ to keep us from moaning about how long the journey was, so that the familiar question of “are we there yet?” was not really an issue back then. But now it is replaced with  McDonald’s breakfast and other unhealthy snacks that are easily accessible. I am also ashamed to admit that my three kids are plugged into their electrical gadgets with headphones for the duration which is utter bliss but sadly so wrong at the same time. We do say every year that we will make a healthy lunch for the journey and no electrical gadgets but it never seems to happen…


Hayle Beach

Now I will let you into a little secret. Hayle is the place I have been going to for over forty years. I am always reluctant to tell many people where we go as I have always felt soooo protective of it ever being ruined by tourists. St Ives is literally down the road, along with Carbis Bay which Zoella (the YouTuber) recently blogged about.  Hayle is my slice of ‘Heaven’. To be honest Hayle is not everyones cup of tea, however, the fact that it holds many happy memories for me and the views are just out of this world is enough for me to say it’s my little sanctuary away from the big smoke!

The estuary is REALLY special to me as it makes me feel melancholic. My husband lived in Hayle from the age of eight and used to play on the estuary whilst I was holidaying in the chalets on Hayle Towans with my family. He has different memories to me of the estuary and Hayle, but he still loves to reminisce of the care free days of his childhood, where he would spend hours playing along the river bank exploring the different crevices and generally being a bit of a daredevil. However, in the last decade I have taken to walking each day with my family and catching up on what’s being going on in each others lives. It has always been a kind of therapy, whilst taking in the scenic views of the estuary and beautifully maintained gardens.


When you visit Cornwall you must have a traditional cream tea. I emphasise the word ‘traditional’ as the scones should be homemade. It really is not the same without ‘homemade’ scones. We came across a cute little cafe called The Madhatter (also a bed & breakfast), with the smell of baking wafting out the door. My kids adore them. The clotted cream is to die for and the jam mixed with it is just pure bliss!!


The pasty is the iconic food of Cornish miners. My husbands love of pasties is rather ridiculous as he has been known to have three in one day. We are also pretty fussy when choosing the perfect pasty; a well known bakery in Hayle called Philps is definitely the best in that area; their review on google is “Excellent, no nonsense, delicious cornish pasties”. We agree. Mouth watering fillings, and again, amazing home cooked smells engulf this shop. It is so popular people queue every lunchtime for this pure indulgence.


One of the best days of the holiday was the wonderful sight of the seals at Godrevy Point. It is just simply … amazing! The seals adore this cove as it is secluded and sheltered, away from human interference.


Cornish Icecream

I definitely recommend you stop at Mr B’s Icecream Parlour in Hayle. It truely is the best icecream and pretty reasonably priced. There is nothing like Cornish icecream.


Scampi and chips

To end our rather ‘unhealthy’ holiday we popped down to the local pub and grabbed some scampi and chips. The Bluff has served my family for over forty years and has changed management several times. Although the reviews on trip advisor are not great, this place holds some fond memories for me. The food is what I call easy, simple, classic food, although pretty unhealthy. Anyway, I can honestly say this has got to of been the best scampi and chips that I have had in along time.. succulent, melt in your mouth, indulgence…


Mum, sister and me

So that concludes this Easter break… I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I have. If you have not experienced a trip to Cornwall it’s well worth the journey. I have given you a tiny snippet of places to go, there are many more.

I would love to know about your Easter break and what you got up to. Please feel free to comment.

Much love

Gemma xx












































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  1. Love this blog and the way you re-tell your adventures. I love the photo of the children, Tristans face is genius! X


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