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New Year..New Chapter….

‘Happy New Year! To anyone that may have accidentally stumbled across this blog. I was so determined to get a post up before February but sadly failed!! Oh, dear!…

I promised myself this year that things are going to be different. No more unrealistic goals. Just time to make changes for the better. Yeah right, I hear you say. Seriously, I tell myself, this can be done, but it may take time and will not happen overnight. You have just got to WANT it…. Last year my goal was to start a blog and write three blog posts a week… EPIC FAIL!!  Never happened…How many of you seriously start the year off with all those amazingly, good intentions and by February, old habits have crept back in and your lying on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself…? ME!!!! No More. Make SMALL changes and you will feel a ZILLION times better, I hope…

So, for me it was all about pushing myself out of my COMFORT ZONE and finally finding the balls to go back to college and rediscover my brain. Yes, I do have one, I think…Trust me, the moment I stepped into the classroom, I literally sh** myself for want of a better expression and wanted to find the nearest exit… but the inner voice in me screamed ‘Stay put you idioimg_7044t, this is for you…  No more excuses, no more hiding behind the kids, you seriously need to get your sh** together.’

So, what are you studying  I hear you say?

Well, I have always worked on and off as a Hair and Make-up artist, with some childminding thrown in the mix (it helps when you have small kids!) I used to also teach Hair and Make-up to students all over London and a few years in Nottingham but the serious TRUTH is I always felt like I was ‘WINGING IT’. Yep, my conscious was screaming at me to go and get qualified and do the right thing. So, there you are… I am on my way to finally getting my teaching qualifications. Yay to me!


Screen shot from pinterest

Another change that I wanted to make was to get the kids away from screens as much as humanly possible. After relocating further down South, towards the latter part of last year, I felt like there were no more excuses to be made. Fresh, country air, beautiful green fields and different places to visit. So, I decided that I would try and visit a different place each month. The first place being BATH. What a truly glorious place…





The Roman Baths


Enjoying the commentary



Teenage son bored and hungry

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