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School Bake Sale

Is it me or do your kids schools have loads of Bake Sales?? OMG! Every other month my children come home with paper plates in their book bags that the school have given them to fill up with lots of HOMEMADE cakes. Who the hell has the time to just knock up a load of cakes? It also seems that their is an over whelming pressure to produce some amazing creations. How many of you have thought ‘sod it’ and dashed to the nearest shop and bought something that may resemble a fairy cake hoping that would do!?  I can honestly say I am not guilty of that, not because I am super Mum or anything, but because I have MASSIVE Mum shame and always surrender to the little buggers begging me to bake NOW! When I was a kid the only ‘Bake sale’ you would stumble across would be at a fate that your Mum and Granny would drag you to with a lucky dip and a hook the fishy game if you were lucky’.. When did this become such a thing ??



Don’t get me wrong, baking with the children is lovely and all that jazz and the main thing is that they adore it which always makes it worth it, but I have to say it would be a whole lot better without the dam pressure. Do any other Mums feel like this, or is it just me??


Tips on making quick school cakes for the ‘Bake Sale’

  • Be SUPER organised. Have all your ingredients in jars already to go. Then you can just whip them out of the cupboard and your good to go.
  •  Have plenty of cup cake cases.
  • A decent set of weighing scales is a must!
  • Invest in a good mixer this is life saving.. I got mine for Christmas. There are many different types. The Kitchen Aids are the latest trends for you posh folk or a good old Morphy Richards is just as good.
  • Cupcake tins. I particularly like the muffin tins as they are much deeper and hold the cupcake cases really well.
  • A recipe is helpful.
  • Make a simple cupcake look appealing by adding chocolate flake, a giant button, twirl or better still a Jaffa cake, to the buttercream. I have found these always go down well.

Cupcakes in muffin tin


I would love to know your comments on ‘The School Bake sale’.

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