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So it’s this time of year again, the sun is shining, spring is in full bloom, and I am googling like crazy ‘family holidays’. I have to admit that it is my guilty pleasure. I have always loved to travel. It is in my blood. I love to explore… I think it’s genetic. My Grandad spent most of his life in the military and had lived all over the world with my nan. He had the most amazing stories to tell as I was growing up. His love of exploring, certainly rubbed off on me. My first real experience of travelling was when a friend suggested going to live on a kibbutz in Israel as a volunteer. What’s a kibbutz I hear you say? I had certainly never heard of one. My friend told me we would be staying with a community of people and helping them with producing ‘Olives’ for the rest of the world. Kind of strange I thought, but hey’ I was up for the adventure, what the hell. So, before I knew it, my backpack was packed and the ‘middle east’ became my new home for the next six months. It was a truly magical experience and one that I will certainly be telling my future grandchildren. (But that’s another blog post)..


As a family of five with an average income, I think it is fair to say that finding a reasonably priced holiday is bloody hard. In 2015 after years of staying in England whilst the children were little, we decided to book our first ‘all inclusive’ package holiday to Majorca. Sadly, it was not what we expected, and ended up being a real let down. I take full responsibility for being so naive when booking holidays. Why was I the only person in the world not to check trip advisor? What an idiot!! I could write a whole blog post on why never to go to BelleVue  in Alcudia, but I would rather not go back there mentally ( if you know what I mean!)

So, last year I was determined to get all the boxes ticked and booked Eurocamp in Italy. We had been to one in France when I had only the boys, and really loved it. Perfect for families, right on the beach, great entertainment… good food… What more could you ask for? However, once again I felt disappointed and let down with the Eurocamp in Italy. Shabby accommodation, a freezing swimming pool and an expensive on site shop and not forgetting the super ‘rip off’ restaurant that was just simply out of our budget.

I questioned whether it was me? Am I a secret holiday snob?? No, I just honestly think you get what you pay for when holidaying abroad on a budget… So, once again we made the most of it and enjoyed spending quality time with each other as a family (  ignoring the general arguments that took place on a daily basis) and visiting some great places.



Venice Italy






I have to admit the pizza’s were amazing and came in true Italian style. Although we were fairly surprised by the pizza that came with chips as seen in the picture above.



As we were able to get a discount through my husbands job, we realised very quickly that once we were shown the accommodation we had definitely been given the rubbish deal. My word of advice is to check everything before you book.

The saving grace of the holiday was most definitely the entertainment and the activities that were available, oh and of course the beach. So it was not all doom and gloom…


IMG_5325 (1)

I would love to know your comments on family holidays and if you have any recommendations of places to go… I am still in the process of looking for this year..

Much Love

Gemma xxx

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