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Winter capsule wardrobe….

I have to say although I love fashion, I am not sure if that qualifies me to write about it. I spend hours scrolling other peoples blogs, instagram and pinterest always looking for inspiration and ideas. As a body conscious person I have to say I am a big lover of Winter. Cosy jumpers thrown on with jeans and boots accessorised with bobble hats and blanket scarfs. What’s there not to love!

It seems from my research that the ‘chunky Knit’ tucked into ‘mom jeans’ is a real favourite this winter. I have also noticed the pleated skirt with an ‘over-sized’ jumper seems to be a staple. I just love the look below but sadly I just know that would not look like that on me as my body shape is totally different.



What I love about the fashion at the moment is that there are no real rules or age restrictions(thank god!) Oh yeah apart from crop tops of course, only someone under the age of twenty with a perfectly flat stomach should be allowed to wear those!



I am just loving the checked blazer with the looser style jeans. It’s such an effortless style but looks so chic. I am living in my ‘girlfriend’ jeans at the mo. It’s so nice to put the skinny jeans to the back of the wardrobe and wear something way more comfortable. Don’t you agree?

Is it just me or are ‘vans’ foot wear everywhere? I love them..As a huge fan of converse for many years I am being converted. I see everyone in these.. Young girls, Mums on the school run.. and it seems you can pair them up with anything, Skirts, jeans even formal trousers. I know what will be on my Christmas wish list..

I would love to know what your favourite looks are this winter.

Please drop a comment as my noseyness(not a real word I am sure) is killing me!!!

Much Love

Gemma x


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