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Christmas shenanigans…

So how was your Christmas?

That’s the typical question everyone asks you once normal life resumes. I say normal life, I mean normal routine, out of the Christmas frenzy/haze…

So this year for me has been pretty odd really. I am not sure if it’s because I have got to the age where I am now just questioning everything and over thinking things, or if I am just simply bored with the routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still get carried away with the present buying, the`Christmas lattes’ and the general instagramable sheep following most people do. I even jumped on the Christmas Eve box bandwagon to prolong the build up, and of course the obligatory Christmas PJ’s with much eye rolling from my husband.

As soon as December arrives I am out there along with everyone else searching for the bushiest Christmas tree( I bought 3 this year- weirdo) and buying some new decs. I also love a good carol singing sesh ( in fact that was my fav part!) and the odd(or 200) glasses of mulled wine, mince pies and copious amount of cheese.

Our local Christmas market and ice skating was a real hit with my kids this year. Which in my opinion is a total blessing if if gets them off tech.

However, I  have to say I just had this overwhelming feeling of flatness….


I wish I could take credit for this tree but it was the one in our local pub!

Why is there so much expectation over Christmas?

Why are we trying to compete with the Jones aka instagram?…

Why are we struggling from year to year to find presents for our children that will keep them engaged for more than 30 seconds if it is not an electrical gadget.. Is this just me or do other parents feel like this?



Christmas breakfast with Elliott cheer’sing bucks fizz.


I don’t know about you but I literally felt like I was going through the motions on Christmas day.

The pretty table cloth, the fancy breakfast which included the obligatory Bucks Fizz (which as you can see from the image above my 10 year old enjoyed far too much!) and of course the mammoth task of cooking the turkey and all the trimmings. Normally I am not really bothered about being in the kitchen for the best part of the day as I quite enjoy cooking. As long as I have a good 80’s playlist on and am plied with a few G&T’s I am happy as Larry. But this year I felt different. I felt like I resented it. I couldn’t be bothered. Hell, I didn’t even follow my usual Jamie Oliver recipe and use streaky bacon on the turkey!


Gloucester quays ice skating


April loving every minute of it..


Promised the children milkshakes, we ended up making our own.


You can’t beat home-made mince pies.

So after the crackers were pulled and the dinner was gobbled down, we went for our usual stroll around the block to relieve ourselves of our huge bloated stomachs ready for the next round of chocolates and cheese.

Boxing Day

This has definitely got to be my preferred day out of the two.


A rare picture of all of us with my 92 year old great aunt.

Most years my family descend on us depending on where we may be living in the country, however this year my sister decided to host it in London. So once everyone was up and after several moans and usual disgruntled tones, we all jumped in the car and made our way on the 3 hour road trip to London leaving blustery Gloucestershire behind. We decide to make a quick stop off along the way to see my 92 year old great aunt Patience and her dog Sandy as she had not seen anyone apart from her carers for the whole of Christmas. Poor thing!


Trifle that went tits up after the jelly decided to not set.

So finally after arriving at my sisters house and more buffet food and prosecco, we  huddled around to play a very ‘out of date’ game of trivial pursuit and unwrapped our presents. That pretty much concluded our boxing day. Although I have to say one of my best moments was watching my nephew and his girlfriend unwrapping a photo that I had taken of them and blown up on to a canvas. I was also blown away at how generous everyone had been with the presents I had received. One of my favourites being the new ‘Urban Decay’ heat pallet that made me let out a little squeal! A nice addition to my make-up kit. Thanks Mum 🙂

IMG_7420 (1)

My nephew and his gorg girlfriend Lauren (canvas)



So all in all it ended up being okay … In fact now I have just read this back I am realising that you have to appreciate every day good or bad, just live in the moment.. Christmas’s will naturally change as you get older we just need to evolve with them.- Don’t we?

I would love to hear how your Christmas was, feel free to leave a comment!

Much love and a happy new year!

Gemma x



  1. Amanda says

    Your Christmas sounds great and I am totally with you your views of it all. This year we decided to get away for Christmas just us. We didn’t have that mad rushing around the couple of days before, there was no time keeping and clock watching for the turkey and oodles of Brussels sprouts which no one eats! We did our Christmas Eve boxes and on Christmas Day had a chilled breakfast and present unwrapping ( even took our own Christmas tree, lights and decs on the plane!) and had a great day sipping Sangria around the pool and water slides listening to Christmas Carols. We even had the villa cleaned, beds made and clean towels whilst out! We knocked up dinner in the evening, managed a turkey and trimmings and just had the best time. Can thoroughly recommend it. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting Amanda!
      I am trying to really launch this blog properly this year!
      Your Christmas looked and sounded amazing! I really want to go away next year…
      Lets get a date in the diary xx


  2. Rachael says

    I’m really glad we spent the time together….. precious if imperfect times xxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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