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My Go-To Products I Use For Brides as a Freelance Make-up Artist..

So as the ‘Wedding’ season approaches, I thought I would do a quick post on my ‘go to’  make-up products that I tend to use on most of my clients, with exception to the brides that request a heavier make-up.

Once a bride has booked me for a trial and preparations are under way for her big day, I prepare my kit for the job and make my way over to their home. After a general consultation has taken place (trial), I will begin to create the look that has been discussed.

Finding out the colour scheme of the Wedding, bridesmaids dresses and flowers can all contribute to how the bride would like her make-up to look on the day. Quite often a bride may choose the colours; pinks, lilacs and golds, where as others like to keep it simple and stick with soft browns, and neutral tones.





It is not often I will cleanse, tone and moisturise a clients skin, as once I arrive they have generally prepared their skin, however, my key  tip as a make-up artist is to always PRIME the skin and eyes. I have always used a primer from MAC as it helps to ‘even out the redness and skin tone whilst adding radiance, it also improves the application of foundation and powder giving a long-lasting effect’-states MAC. The Laura Mercier primer has also been a staple in my kit.


The other product I swear by to prep the eyes is the URBAN DECAY EYESHADOW PRIMER Before I discovered this product I use to apply a cream eyeshadow from MAC which would pretty much do the same thing, as it would dry and form a base layer for the powder eyeshadow. However, this product is a revolution! It obviously primes your eye lids but is super, long-lasting and stops the eyeshadow from creasing – perfect for brides!



Once you have primed the skin it is important that you choose the correct foundation for your skin. The primary functions of a foundation are to even out the skin tone, conceal blemishes and cover any redness to give you a flawless finish.

Some people prefer a lighter, liquid foundation, where as others may find a fuller coverage more suitable. With so many different types of foundation on the market, it can sometimes be a bit confusing what to buy and where to buy it. As a make-up artist I have a mixture of foundations in my kit. I have inexpensive and high end, light coverage and full coverage, and of course different colours for different skin pigments. More often than not I tend to opt for the inexpensive one unless a client suggests otherwise, as I simply just prefer them.


The purpose of a concealer is do exactly what it says ‘CONCEAL’. It is generally used on areas that need more attention than a foundation. The area under the eyes will need to be concealed slightly more due to the skin being thinner, giving a darker, more hollow appearance. Touche Ecalt by YSL is great for hiding dark circles. Although the Rimmel concealer is equally as amazing as it’s creamy texture, helps to glide over the delicate areas, blocking out the dark shadows and covering any awkward blemishes and spots.


Clinique, Stay-Matt Sheer pressed powder is the best! I just love it. I am sure there are many others that are just as good out there, but to be honest I just love this one. It is so good at removing excess oil and shine, and it’s a great base for your bronzer and blusher. It’s lovely for a bride as it gives a sheer finish, so it doesn’t feel too heavy. It also photographs well.



As I am an ‘old skool’ make-up artist I have never been into the whole ‘contouring’ obsession. I have always used bronzer and highlighter to do the same job, but in my opinion the results are a much lighter and more natural, subtle look.

My favourite ones in my kit at the moment are Anastasia Beverley Hills and Tanya Burr







Bobbi Brown blusher is a new addition to my kit and is proving to be a great hit with my brides. The two tones of pink make it great to be able to define the cheek area, leaving a subtle, rosy glow.


Urban Decay and MAC are definitely my favourite eyeshadows for brides and take up most of my kit. I just love the strong pigment and diversity of colours, making blending so easy and smooth.





I never use a separate eyebrow pallet as I just don’t see the point. Some people swear by the ‘Benefit’ brow pallet, but I just use an eyeshadow. TOO FACED is a really great brand of make-up. I have never owned any of their products before, but I have always heard that they are amazing. So I was totally chuffed when I spotted a little pallet in the beauty section in TKMAX  for quarter of the price. It is perfect for eyebrows and also eyeliner as you can add water to make it into a liquid eyeliner. This brand is definitely one I will be investing in, in the future.




I have tried so many eyeliners over the years and have finally settled on two of my favourites. The Bobbi Brown -Long-wear gel eyeliner. I have always felt the application of liquid eyeliner is a slight weakness of mine as a make-up artist until I discovered this little pot of heaven! For the best results I use it with a MAC-263 Small Angle Brush It glides over the eyes and leaves the most beautiful smooth line. Definitely a fave! My other liquid eyeliner that I highly recommend for speed and accuracy is by Maybelline -The master precise. I can’t recommend this enough especially if you struggle with getting that line straight.



So let’s talk about Mascara!

I always use a waterproof mascara on a bride and the bridal party as it has been known for some people to ‘well up’ at a wedding. I use drug store brands, because as far as I am concerned you can’t really go wrong with the consistency of a Mascara. Although, I have to say it is all about the wand!  To get a great amount of product gliding through the lashes you will need the correct brush. My all time favourite is the ‘Accelerator Endless’ by Rimmel. I just love this mascara. The brush is perfect and you avoid big clumps of mascara being left behind on the lashes. The other fav’ of mine is the Bobbie Brown mascara . This is a bit pricey but I think it is worth every penny as again it effortlessly glides over the  lashes, leaving a smooth, silky finish.



Nudes are the most popular colours I use on brides unless they request something different.

Pillow talk by Charlotte Tilbury and Velvet Teddy by MAC are just amazing and the colours I always reach for when making up a bride. Creamy and long lasting.. What more do you need!




Spice by MAC is my all time favourite lipliner that I have used most of my career. It compliments the lipstick so well, leaving the lips looking full and defined.


So that concludes my ‘Go-to’ make-up products I use on brides.

If you are a bride getting married this year and you happen to stumble across this blog, feel free to ask me any advice. If you just want some general advice on make-up, please leave a comment.

If you would like to book me for your Wedding in the Gloucestershire England, please feel free to visit my website

Many thanks

Much love




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