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3 Simple Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do…


As a Hair and Make-up artist I very rarely spend time on myself.

My hair is either slapped back into a ponytail or worn down with a few waves run through with straighteners.

I suppose it is mainly down to laziness and more importantly time.

I love it when I see other people with gorgeous braids and I get annoyed with myself as a hair specialist, that I don’t make more effort (especially as I can do most styles tbh).

So, I thought I would share with you, 3 hairstyles I have been experimenting with lately.. and that you do not need to be a professional to do.

The Halo Braid

  • The dirtier the hair the better. If your hair is freshly washed try adding some dry shampoo to the roots and brushing through.
  • Roughly section the hair at the front. I normally make the parting far over to the side.
  • Start to braid the hair across the top of your head. A little tip which sounds weird, but try not to look in the mirror when braiding. It can actually make you go wrong.
  • Once you have braided down the side you need to secure it with a band and then repeat on the other side. (I use clear, plastic bands that can be purchased from Amazon).
  • Once you have completed both braids secure them together with a band and form a ponytail at the back, you can either choose to leave it like this or add some pins to make it go round into a halo.



The Basic Ponytail With A Twist

Okay, so I am the queen of throwing my hair back in a ponytail most days just because its practical-obvs. But I have discovered it takes no time at all just to make a ponytail look a little bit more -for want of a better word ‘special’. 

  • If your hair is a bit greasy, spray some dry shampoo into the roots.
  • Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a band.
  • Leave some hair out at the front just so you can curl it to give a natural look.
  • Grab some hair at the crown and loosen to give some height.
  • Take the ponytail and start to twist it round the band.
  • Once the ponytail is forming a bun/twist start to pin parts of the bun.
  • Go back to pulling some hair out to loosen the ponytail and keep it looking natural.
  • Finally with tongs or straighteners, curl the two strands that you have left out at the front to frame the face.

The Front Twist Roll

So admittedly this one can be a bit tricky; but the key is to not give up, as once you let go of the hair it’s all over and you will have to start again.


  • Take two strands of hair at the front and literally start twisting, picking up the hair from each side as if you were doing a french braid with three strands.
  • Once you get to the back, pin and secure.
  • Continue down the other side and pin.
  • At the back you will have some remaining hair in the middle. Start to roll at the nape of the neck and incorporate the side twists.
  • Pin the roll so that it’s secure and then start to pull some hair out to give a loosened more natural look.With a pintail comb, pull the hair in the centre of the head out, to achieve a real ‘bo-ho’ look.


So there you have it, my 3 favourite hairstyles at the moment.

I would love to know what you do with your hair most days and if you struggle to be more creative.

Much love

Gemma X







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