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Life update and why I have not blogged for so long..

Hi… I am back…. I am hoping for good..

You know that expression ‘Sometimes life just gets in the way’ – well that’s my only excuse-soz!

After breaking my leg back in January 2018 my main focus after recovery (8 long weeks) was to get back to work.

I was waiting desperately for my new website  to be built by my web designer, but sadly due to him being a mate of my husbands and charging us ‘mates rates’ it was a matter of sitting and waiting patiently (which if you know me is not one of my strengths) until he finally pulled his finger out and finished it.

Sweet lord, I was frustrated,  as it meant the longer my website didn’t go live the less bookings I could confirm for 2018.

Just to let you know, for any of you that are new to my blog and have just ‘by passed’ my about page, I have worked as a hair and make-up artist for the last 20 years!

Since moving to Gloucestershire my main bulk of work has been on ‘Weddings’, although, I have had some published work and worked on a great fashion shoot at ‘Hilles House’ the home to the late Isabella Blow (fashion editor).

I am loving that people are booking hair and make-up artists for all different occasions and events now, thanks to the instagram world…It makes worrying about the pennies rolling in a little less stressful, although you can never get too complacent!

Please feel free to check out my portfolio on instagram hull.gemma and DM me for any enquiries.


I have loved getting back to what I feel comfortable with. My work is a big part of my life that I really enjoy. Its not only creative but challenging and every job is different…





Breaking my leg was a real blow to my confidence.

I was determined to try and keep healthy during the two months that I basically sat on my arse doing nothing apart from reading, scrolling through instagram, watching millions of episodes of Loose Women and Judge Rinder. And occasionally hobbling to the kitchen to stuff something perishable in my bra ( being on crutches was a  nightmare so the bra became a very useful tool for carrying things-lol).

Sadly this was not the case and I ended up putting on 10 bleedin pounds ( Domino’s being the main culprit-oops! ). I felt so gross!!

So my mission was to get back to healthy eating and any exercise I could manage ( which as you can imagine I am still limited to.)

I rejoined slimming world and sheepishly took myself back to the gym. So far, I have lost five pounds but I am super determined to lose another 2 stone- I will keep you updated with this journey..


Jacket potato, watermelon and feta


BBQ Slimming world style

One of my 2018 goals was to try and get out and visit more places. Unfortunately,  it has been really hard as walking too far has  proven to be difficult still.

However, we have managed to get over to Bristol and Cambridge and back to London to visit family and friends..

Our friends have just bought a house over near Huntingdon-Cambridgeshire I have totally forgotten the name of their village they live in but as you can see from the houses below it is a pretty picturesque place to set up home.. So jealous!


I totally fell in love with their living room.


You can’t go to Cambridgeshire and not go ‘Punting’, the kids loved it..


We live literally 40 minutes from Bristol but sadly I have only been there as child when my grandparents relocated to a place called ‘Fishponds’. I have heard so many great things about it and was dying to check it out for myself.




In half term I caught up with my sister and family. She lives in Hackney in East London.



So that concludes the travel bits and the rest has been running my kids around to football club and tournaments, cheerleading, cub camp and sorting out work experience for my 15 year old!


It feels so good to be back writing and taking pictures again and sharing my diaries with anyone that might find my life remotely interesting.

Please feel free to leave a comment so I can start to build my following on here and follow others back.

That’s all until the next one..

Much love

Gemma x

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  1. Rachael says

    That’s really weird about Isabella Blow…. i’ve Just ordered a book about her life written by her husband…. I knew she had her funeral at Gloucester Cathedral and lived in Gloucestershire…. saw the Alexander McQueen film yesterday and there was loads about the house on it…. now I’m making the connection between your shoot and the fashion history! Very interesting x

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