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Family fun in the park and a bit of photography thrown in..

Pittville park is a hidden gem pretty much in the centre of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire- UK.

So many people have said to me to go and check it out, but sadly in the last two years we had never got round to it -until now. (Thats shameful as it is only 20 minutes away!)

Well to be honest, I  wrote this post a few months ago and left it sitting in my drafts. Typical me!  (So the first time we made our way over there was on fathers day back in June.)

So if it is all a bit jumbled up I can only apologise….




So, if you have kids the same age as mine 15, 11, and 8 – I am sure we are united in the battle to surgically remove them from ‘wifi’.

It is seriously no joke how much mine are addicted to screens. 

It really gets me down sometimes when I see how technology is in some ways destroying our kids natural desires to explore and socialise.. Sadly children just cannot see it as they have never known a life before it…

Anyway, I am not sure about your kids but mine are usually fine once we get to where we are going and more often than not will say they want to go back.

This makes me very HAPPY!

So the message here parents is – Don’t give up!! GET THEM OUT!!

Experiences are vital to their futures-

I  don’t know if you can tell but I feel massively passionate about this!


Great park (especially for little ones, maybe not teenagers!)


My kids very rarely interact with each other unless its a grunt or a

‘When is it my turn on the playstation?’

So it was great to see them actually having fun and being kids!


Pitvillle pump rooms are one of the main features of the park.

The history is definitely worth a read. The architecture and colours of the building make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

The pump rooms are quite often used to hold music concerts and are also hired out for weddings.




Taking good photographs is something I am still working on. It takes a lot of patience and practice( which I lack,  most of the time!)

I would love to work as a photographer one day as I love to capture real, authentic moments in time.

Photographs tell so many stories and are simply evidence of so many great memories -whats there not to love?





The park has two sides to it. It really just goes on forever…

The other side has a little shop/cafe which hires out rowing boats. I have not really looked into this but I have been told it is pretty reasonable. I will definitely be doing this soon as my kids do actually like rowing- surprisingly!

It also has a great skate park for those moody teenagers!


So that pretty much concludes our trip to Pitville Park..

Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to this blog, and I will try so hard to keep you updated..

Much love




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