About me


Hello, I’m Gemma.

After much deliberation and years of research I’ve finally decided to start a blog.  Sadly it took me until the grand old age of 40 something to finally kick myself up the butt and start my new project.  As a hair and make up artist who trained at LCF in Central London many moons ago, I began an extensive career in all aspects of the beauty industry: from waxing ‘backs, sacks and cracks’ in Australia; to working for M.A.C cosmetics; freelancing at London Fashion Week;  photographic studio work; teaching in West London and Nottinghamshire Colleges; and running a successful bridal business for more than a decade.

At the ripe old age of 30 my first son was born, launching me into motherhood.  My life changed dramatically, including my location.  After moving to the country with my husbands job, I was catapulted into an unfamiliar life of cabbage fields and slow living after the hustle and bustle of London madness.  Four more years of life in Lincolnshire and the birth of son number two, we relocated back down the country and baby number three came along.  Dipping in and out of freelance hair and make up work along the way, my career clearly sat on the back burner, but my creativity and passion never went away.

This blog now leads me in another direction in life, and I would love you to begin this new journey with me.  I would like to blog about all aspects of life and share my experiences of family, beauty, fashion, travel, food and anything thing else that may pop into my head along the way…

Wish me luck!……..


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